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On December 1, 1994, Melissa Witt vanished from the Bowling World parking lot in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Six weeks later, on January 13, 1995, trappers hunting near Turner’s Bend in the Ozark National Forest discovered the nude and strangled body of Melissa Witt.  She was only 19-years-old.  After 25 years, her case remains unsolved.

In late 2015, a team, driven by the desire to find Justice for Melissa Witt, was assembled to put film a documentary that told the story of Melissa's life and death. 

As part of the documentary project, the team launched a Facebook Page entitled: and the website,

As the date to release for the documentary draws closer - January 13, 2021 - the documentary team would is launching a new project in hopes of generating new information that could bring justice to her case.

The project includes:
100,000 postcards to be distributed to residents in Ozark and Fort Smith, Arkansas, along with distribution of these postcards to every prisoner in the custody of the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Bulk Mail Postage for a portion of the Postcard Campaign.

6-10 Billboards.

Every dollar donated will be spent on these efforts and records will be kept that will be shared with the public for accountability purposes.

Should any monies be raised above and beyond the cost of this large-scale awareness project,  a scholarship fund in Melissa Witt's name will be established to assist students wishing to pursue a career as a dental hygienist.

Will you consider donating?

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