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Marcia King

Marcia Lenore Sossoman (King) was only 21-years-old when her body was discovered in Troy, Ohio in April of 1981. Her body was discovered roughly 48 hours after her murder. Marcia had been strangled.

Marcia's body remained unidentified for 36 years before being identified via DNA analysis and genetic genealogy in April of 2018. Until her identification, Marcia was known as the "Buckskin Girl" - a name that stemmed from the distinctive tasseled buckskin poncho she was wearing at the time of her discovery.

Interestingly enough, Marcia was found deceased in Ohio but was originally from the state of Arkansas. We often wonder if her case could somehow be related to that of the murders of Laney Gwinner and Melissa Witt? Gwinner was found strangled in Ohio. Witt was found strangled in Arkansas. What could connect these murders if a connection even exists? Could it be a truck driver that traveled between Arkansas and Ohio? It's an idea worth exploring.

Sadly, Marcia's murderer, like those of Gwinner and Witt, is not yet identified.

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